Mission & Values

Our mission is to outperform all others in the cooling industry through sustainable efficiency, providing the highest value to our customers, stakeholders and associates through our core values.

Our Purpose

Tower Tech is the market leader when it comes to bringing new ideas in cooling technology to market. Our innovative design literally turned the cooling tower industry on it’s head by mounting our fans on the bottom. This unique design concept provides many unique performance advantages that enhance chiller and pump efficiency.

Our technology and unique tower design creates efficiencies that ultimately provide the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry by saving costly and valuable resources like electricity, water and labor.

Our Purpose simply stated is: Saving Valuable Resources.

Our Core Values

V I S T A – A Vision for the Future of FRP

Vision – One Group / One Vision / One Approach

Innovation – Unique Highly-Engineered Products / Creative Approach to Business / High Value / Never Stop Evolving

Safety – Strong Safety Culture

Teamwork – Based On: Group Integration / Honesty, Trust & Integrity / Golden Rule / Treat Others Ethically

Accountability – Get it Done / Work Ethic / Doing Right by the Customer

Sustainable efficiency is our guiding purpose by saving valuable resources.