Industries We Serve

Tower Tech offers a full line of factory-built cooling towers for industrial, HVAC, power plant and rental installations.


Configure our modular, interconnectable open and closed loop cooling towers to achieve peak efficiency for industrial cooling. Tower Tech's closed loop towers are available in hybrid fluid cooler and evaporative fluid cooler models to meet your needs.


Tower Tech is market leader cooling towers for HVAC and comfort cooling. Since introducing our innovative tower design in 1991 and new technology ever since, Tower Tech has continued to lead the industry with factory-built towers, advanced materials and unmatched specifications, especially as the demand for high-efficiency cooling solutions has grown.


The efficiency and maintenance requirements of power plant cooling towers can dramatically affect the operational costs and ultimately the overall impact on the community it serves. Tower Tech's scalable cooling tower technology supplements traditional cooling options, increasing efficiency and overall cooling capacity.


Tower Tech modular rental towers can be interconnected to cool water for small to large commercial operations. Our customers range from long- and medium-term rentals for seasonal cooling augmentation to shorter-term rentals for repairs and emergencies.

Sustainable efficiency is our guiding purpose by saving valuable resources.