HVAC/Comfort Cooling

Often the greatest concerns for comfort cooling is lowering energy costs and water usage. By choosing Tower Tech, HVAC installations can make the most our innovative tower design and maximizing long-term ROI through efficient, sustainable performance. Now offered with FireStrong™ featuring FM approved fire-rating, our towers are the first factory-built FRP towers to achieve this rating.

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Why Tower Tech for HVAC Installations

Our innovative design makes Tower Tech towers ideal for HVAC installations where reliability, ease of installation, low maintenance, safety, sustainability and aesthetics are important to the installation.

  • Save Space

    Tower Tech towers save space. Our modular design makes the most of your footprint: Tower Tech towers require significantly less clearance than conventional cooling towers. Tower Tech towers can be arranged in almost any configuration to meet your space needs or restrictions and they blend into the surrounding environment better due to their neutral beige color.

  • Minimize Downtime

    Tower Tech modular cooling towers minimize installation time and downtime. Our towers are factory-assembled, allowing them to be transported and installed in a single, complete piece. This and their lightweight cut installation times to one hour per 1,000 RT. Tower Tech utilizes multiple direct drive fans that are bottom-mounted reducing required maintenance and providing motor redundancy.  All necessary maintenance can be performed safely from ground level without taking the tower offline. 

  • Last Longer

    Storm and fire-rated towers last longer with less risk and less maintenance. Tower Tech towers are manufactured using advanced and non-corrosive materials like FRP composites that are stronger and lighter than steel. We offer FireStrong™ towers that are certified by FM Approvals. Our StormStrong® technology, has earned certifications including Zone 4 seismic restraint with OSHPD approval, 200 mph wind loading, the industry’s first missile impact certification on a cooling tower and OSPHOD pre-approval while also adhering to ASCE and IBC building codes to meet seismic and wind load requirements. Because they're made of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP), they need far less maintenance than conventional towers. Greater resiliency means maximized uptime.

  • Protect from Legionella

    Tower Tech towers protect from Legionella. Tower Tech's unique tower design flipped conventional models literally upside-down by relocating the fans to the bottom of the tower and removing the open louvers. By replacing open louvers with an enclosed FlowThru™ Basin, Tower Tech towers block the basin from contact with sunlight, cutting off the fuel source for algae and deadly bacteria like Legionella.

  • Pioneered Sustainable Efficiency

    Tower Tech pioneered sustainable efficiency. We designed a cooling tower that doesn't force a choice between being productive and being green. Tower Tech modular cooling towers have an industry-best drift rate and are designed with patented features to conserve water, energy and chemicals to aid your decarbonization strategy. Our technology creates efficiencies that ultimately provide the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. Our purpose simply stated is: Saving Valuable Resources.

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Comfort Cooling Case Studies

Read some of Tower Tech's satisfied HVAC customer testimonials and case studies:

Get a Personalized Performance and Competitive Evaluation (PACE)

We are so confident that a Tower Tech modular cooling tower will deliver unmatched performance and life cycle costs that we created a proprietary software to show how a Tower Tech tower compares to your choice of conventional tower.

Sustainable efficiency is our guiding purpose by saving valuable resources.