Industrial Cooling

Tower Tech provides efficient heat removal for major industrial processes. 

Tower Tech Industrial Installations

By choosing Tower Tech, industrial customers can make the most of nearly any footprint while maximizing efficient and sustainable performance. Tower Tech cooling towers can be used to remove heat from various sources such as industrial equipment. The primary use of our modular technology for industrial cooling is to remove the heat absorbed in the circulating cooling fluid systems used in manufacturing plants, petrochemical plants, natural gas processing, food processing and semi-conductor facilities.

Why Tower Tech

Our innovative design makes Tower Tech towers ideal for industrial installations. Now offered with FireStrong™ featuring FM approved fire-rating, our towers are the first factory-built FRP towers to achieve this rating.

  • Uses space better

    Tower Tech towers use space better. Their modular design makes the most of any footprint: A conventional tower with open louvers requires over 10 feet of clearance on either side of the tower to ensure proper airflow. Tower Tech towers eliminate louvers, requiring significantly less clearance than conventional cooling towers. Because of this, they can be arranged in almost any configuration.

  • Reduces Downtime Risks

    Tower Tech towers reduce downtime risks. Only Tower Tech towers are made with StormStrong technology, earning engineering certifications like Zone 4 seismic restraint with OSHPD approval, 200 MPH wind loading, the industry’s first missile impact certification on a cooling tower and shake-table tested with OSPHOD pre-approval while also adhering to ASCE and IBC building codes to meet seismic and wind load requirements. Because they're made of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP), they are corrosion-resistant and need far less maintenance than conventional towers. Greater resiliency means maximized uptime.

  • pioneered sustainable efficiency

    Tower Tech pioneered sustainable efficiency. We designed a cooling tower that doesn't force a choice between being productive and being green. Tower Tech modular cooling towers have an industry-best drift rate and are designed with features like a FlowThru basin and variable flow nozzles to conserve water, energy and chemicals to aid your decarbonization strategy.

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Industrial Cooling Case Study

Get a Personalized Performance and Competitive Evaluation (PACE)

We are so confident that a Tower Tech modular cooling tower will deliver unmatched performance and life cycle costs that we created a proprietary software to show how a Tower Tech tower compares to your choice of conventional tower.

Sustainable efficiency is our guiding purpose by saving valuable resources.