Power Plants

Cooling for power plants typically requires a scalable solution for cooling towers to provide adequate heat removal for power generation processes. By choosing Tower Tech, installations can make the most of nearly any footprint while maximizing the efficiency of the heat-removal process and lowering the total cost of energy delivery. The primary use of our modular technology for power plants is to cool the steam generated by the power plant and turn it back into water.

Why Tower Tech for Power Generation Cooling?

Our super-efficient design makes Tower Tech towers ideal for power generation applications. Many power plants are achieving sustainable efficiency with Tower Tech modular cooling towers. Adding a Tower Tech tower increases both environmental compliance and total throughput.

The Case for Pre-Cooling

Many power plants are built on rivers or other large bodies of water to take advantage of once-through or single pass cooling. This system pulls water in from the body of water, which heats up in process and is then returned to the body of water. But this can contribute to thermal pollution, raising the water temperature and harming the ecosystem.

Instead of reducing plant capacity to stay within environmental regulations, many power plants augment their cooling with Tower Tech. Adding a permanent or rental Tower Tech cooling tower allows power plants to lower process water temperatures before it re-enters the body of water. Not only does this protect fish and other aquatic life, but it also can improve capacity through more efficient cooling.

Cooling Tower Augmentation

As cooling towers age, their performance can deteriorate without routine maintenance and replacement of components. This, coupled with the constant demand for more power, requires more cooling capacity. The Tower Tech design is the best choice to augment your existing cooling tower without significant construction or changes to your existing system. Our elevated basin and pre-engineered substructure allow for Tower Tech cooling towers to gravity-feed into your existing cooling tower basin. A portion of the hot water or additional process flow can be diverted to the Tower Tech cooling towers to cost-effectively increase thermal performance while improving reliability.

The Strongest Factory Assembled Towers

Our towers are factory assembled out of advanced FRP composites, making them very strong and lightweight. Tower Tech cooling towers are transported to your site and installed in one, complete piece, slashing installation times to less than one hour per module. Our modular design makes the most of any footprint: they require significantly less clearance than conventional cooling towers, and they can be arranged in almost any configuration.

Tower Tech towers are made with StormStrong® or FireStrong™ technology, letting them withstand almost anything. Tower Tech has earned FM Approvals for fire as well engineering certifications like Zone 4 seismic restraint with OSHPD approval, 200 mph wind loading, missile impact certification on a cooling tower and shake-table tested with OSPHOD pre-approval while also adhering to ASCE and IBC building codes to meet seismic and wind load requirements.

Get a Personalized Performance and Competitive Evaluation (PACE)

We are so confident that a Tower Tech modular cooling tower will deliver unmatched performance and life cycle costs that we created a proprietary software to show how a Tower Tech tower compares to your choice of conventional tower.

Sustainable efficiency is our guiding purpose by saving valuable resources.