Rental Cooling Towers

Sometimes a permanent tower isn't in the plan or budget. Renting a Tower Tech modular cooling tower can be a great alternative.

Tower Tech Made Rental Towers Possible

Most conventional cooling towers aren't suitable for temporary installation. They are made of heavy materials and must be field-assembled, which are both time-and resource-consuming traits.

Tower Tech flipped conventional tower designs literally upside-down. Our Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP), factory-preassembled towers are comparatively lightweight and ship ready to be installed. It's no surprise that over 70% of all rental towers are Tower Tech!

Rental FAQs

  • Tower Tech and our partners can get a rental cooling tower almost anywhere in the continental U.S. within often within a few business days. Hundreds of temporary Tower Tech towers are available or in operation every day. Because many companies reserve towers as part of their contingency planning, however, it's important to request a rental tower as soon as possible.

  • Yes! Tower Tech is proud to have tower availability in many countries outside the U.S., and we're happy to make new connections in your area to get you the Tower Tech rental tower you need.

  • After over 30 years in business, there's almost no case we haven't seen. Temporary rental towers are a great choice for emergencies, contingency planning, incremental tower augmentation, planned downtime and pre-cooling.

  • Every case is different. Tower Tech experts are available to talk through your specific situation and help you determine the best choice.

What Our Customers Say

Tower Tech towers are ideal for my rental applications because I can install up to 5,000 tons of cooling towers within one day, and that is nearly impossible with any other cooling tower design.

Sunbelt Rentals//Monte Claphan

One of my favorite features of the Tower Tech tower is its ability to 100% block sunlight from the water stream. This is of the utmost importance when it comes to controlling Legionella bacteria.

MIT Nuclear Reactor Lab//Ed Block

From the water treatment aspect, there are a lot of benefits. We are finding, with Tower Tech, we are using less water over the course of the year and less chemical cost to the customer. It has made the job a lot easier and has a lot of benefits to the customer.

Chem-Aqua//Steve Bard

Sustainable efficiency is our guiding purpose by saving valuable resources.