OEM Parts for Tower Tech Towers

Tower Tech modular cooling towers are built differently. Always using Tower Tech OEM parts ensures that your cooling tower can perform at peak efficiency and deliver the savings customers love from Tower Tech.

Sustainable Efficiency Starts with OEM Parts

Tower Tech offers the highest quality cooling tower for Sustainable Efficiency™. Our patented tower components and OEM XchangeTech fill media and coils are designed or selected specifically for our technology to maximize the operation of your equipment. Only Tower Tech can provide Factory Authorized Parts with an industry-leading warranty and can ensure your tower will equal or exceed its as-installed performance.


Ordering OEM Parts & Performance Upgrades

Don't risk your tower by using non-OEM parts. Tower Tech will guarantee you get the right part to protect your investment for the life of the product. We also offer many retrofit parts to improve performance while reducing maintenance.

Our Parts Catalog makes it fast, effective and easy to select the part you need. Tower Tech keeps a complete inventory of parts on hand so you don't have to and have the best lead times to keep your cooling tower in operation.

You can feel confident that Tower Tech OEM parts will:

  • Improve thermal performance
  • Extend the life of your equipment
  • Mitigate downtime risk or failure
  • Reduce maintenance cost
  • Enhance the safety of the equipment and your staff


Keep Your Cooling tower at peak performance

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Sustainable efficiency is our guiding purpose by saving valuable resources.