Preventive Maintenance

When a cooling tower goes down unexpectedly it can potentially cost industrial operations millions of dollars and can endanger mission-critical applications like hospitals or data centers. Regular preventive maintenance is essential to maintaining uptime, and by choosing a Tower Tech cooling tower, you can significantly reduce annual maintenance costs.

Your Preventive Maintenance Experts

Tower Tech Towers Need Less Maintenance

Tower Tech's patented design and unique technology eliminate many of the sources of problems in conventional cooling towers. Made from inherently corrosion-resistant Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP), scaling, fouling and rust are not issues in a Tower Tech cooling tower. The nozzles prevent clogging and the FlowThru™ Basin's constant velocity keeps the basin clean. The basin also blocks out the sun, which doesn't allow algae or bacteria like Legionella to grow. Our towers also have built-in redundancy so that, if a problem occurs, the tower doesn't go totally out of service.

Tower Tech Towers are Easier to Maintain

The small amount of maintenance a Tower Tech cooling tower needs is far easier to perform than on a conventional tower. Tower Tech modular cooling towers have a compact design that is highly efficient. All maintenance can be safely performed from ground level because all mechanical components are uniquely located at the bottom of the tower.

A thorough inspection of all tower parts on an annual or biannual basis can take just minutes per tower and can be scheduled during off-hours to minimize disruption.

Preventive Maintenance Prolongs Equipment Lifespan

Routine maintenance slows wear and tear, lengthening the overall lifespan of the equipment. Catching issues early means they can be remedied before they cause a lengthy, emergency repair situation. This keeps the tower operating at peak performance and maximizes overall return on investment.

Predictive Analysis

Don't wait for your parts to fail! Tower Tech has the expertise and knowledge based on collective data, to anticipate parts end of life, based on your geographical area, climate conditions, chemical treatment plan and operational parameters. With our predictive analysis, we can provide you with a customized preventive maintenance plan specific to your installation to help provide longevity to your tower and maintain peak performance.

Preventive Maintenance Plans from Tower Tech

Proactive maintenance makes good business sense. Scheduled check-ups with Tower Tech-certified cooling tower technicians help avoid expensive emergency repairs and ensure that your industry-leading cooling tower continues to operate at peak efficiency.

Learn about Tower Tech’s recommended inspection and maintenance schedules.

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