Tower Tech modular cooling towers are built to last over 30 years, withstanding the strongest storms with almost no necessary maintenance. An annual inspection is usually enough to confirm towers are operating at peak performance.

But even these industry-leading cooling towers will need a repair on rare occasions. If that day comes, preserve and extend your tower's service life by choosing a Tower Tech-certified technician and OEM parts.

Certified Technicians

Tower Tech towers have a unique design that improves on many shortcomings of conventional towers. A technician familiar with conventional tower maintenance may be unfamiliar with the service needed for these exceptional towers.

Tower Tech-certified technicians are specially trained to provide expert-level service on this top-of-the-line equipment. They understand the inner workings of Tower Tech equipment and how these industry-best towers differ from conventional towers.

OEM Parts

Industry-best Tower Tech cooling towers are designed to be different. Tower Tech OEM parts ensure the tower functions as designed and delivers peak performance. OEM replacement parts are part of the overall investment in the best-quality tower available.

Get Started

Our Customer Service team provides access to highly experienced service representatives who can help you create a preventive maintenance plan for inspections and service plus provide immediate answers to any technical questions, and help you obtain spare and replacement parts as needed. Contact Tower Tech to order OEM parts or find a certified technician near you.

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