Discover the World's Most Efficient Line of Cooling Towers

Tower Tech's factory-built modular cooling towers save significant space, weight, installation and long-term maintenance costs compared to conventional tower designs. Tower Tech is the most sustainable, efficient cooling tower on the market. From closed-circuit to open-circuit models, we have you covered.

Why Choose Tower Tech Cooling Towers?

  • Full range of open-circuit and closed-circuit models
  • Exceeds ASHRAE Standard 90.1 efficiency rating for reduced energy costs
  • CTI certified in accordance with Standard 201
  • Corrosion-resistant FRP composite technology, including for coils and fill media
  • High-efficiency motor and nozzle technologies
  • Ultra-quiet, low-maintenance, bottom-mounted, direct-drive fan technology
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What Our Customers Say

The Tower Tech tower is great. We are really happy.

Crabtree Valley Mall//Charlie Foster

The temperature today outside is about 110°F (43.3°C), and the chillers and Tower Tech cooling tower are working marvelously.

Florence Community Health Care//Gary Faulkner

Tower Tech is by far the easiest tower to install from a constructibility standpoint.

Pacific Rim Mechanical//Jeff Hawk

The Tower Tech Tower is performing like it should be, and I would recommend it to anyone.

North West Community Hospital//Michael Bayless

One of my favorite features of the Tower Tech tower is its ability to 100% block sunlight from the water stream. This is of the utmost importance when it comes to controlling Legionella bacteria.

MIT Nuclear Reactor Lab//Ed Block

Because the Tower Tech Towers are able to operate a variable flow, we are able to achieve lower condenser water temperature.

Luckett & Farley Engineers//Jim Farley

The Towers are flawless; they do the job they are designed to do. Tower Tech has been a company that undersells and over-delivers.

Mercury Air Mechanical//Ken Brown

From the water treatment aspect, there are a lot of benefits. We are finding, with Tower Tech, we are using less water over the course of the year and less chemical cost to the customer. It has made the job a lot easier and has a lot of benefits to the customer.

Chem-Aqua//Steve Bard

We have found maintenance with our sealed bearing units (direct drive motors) to be very nice for our maintenance staff.

Mount St. Mary’s Hospital//Wayne Lynch

These towers are all fiberglass. They are going to last forever. In my estimation, Tower Tech is the best tower I have ever worked with.

John W. Danforth Company//Richard Mueller

Sustainable efficiency is our guiding purpose by saving valuable resources.