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TTCC Evaporative Fluid Series Closed Circuit Modular Cooling Towers

The TTCC-FC modular cooling tower was specifically engineered for applications that require a closed loop system for clean process water or fluid operations in fluctuating ambient conditions.

The TTCC-FC is a versatile solution for most applications from HVAC to industrial process systems. The evaporative fluid cooler minimizes energy, maintenance and installation costs while improving system reliability. The TTCC-FC is an excellent choice for critical operations where redundancy is a priority or water is a critical resource and is backed by an industry-leading, 15-year limited warranty.


The forced-draft, counterflow design provides efficient closed-circuit cooling. The TTCC-FC comes with a factory-installed smart control package for the most sustainably efficient operations that can be connected to any digital management system.

The TTCC-FC shares Tower Tech’s unique design, creating an aesthetically pleasing product that typically blends into the surrounding structures and environment. Tower Tech cooling towers’ patented modularity allows units to be placed right next to each other in virtually any configuration saving your valuable real estate. These towers are prefabricated from the highest quality Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) to be lightweight and to significantly decrease installation time and effort.

  • checkmark Completely Corrosion-resistant Composite Materials Including XchangeTech™ Polymer Coils
  • checkmark Fully Enclosed FlowThru Basin
  • checkmark Variable-Flow 2″ Spray Nozzles
  • checkmark Water Collection System
  • checkmark Bottom-mounted Fans
  • checkmark Factory Assembled Modular Design


The TTCC-FC uses a heat exchanger coil to cool the process fluid efficiently in fluctuating ambient conditions.

Tower Tech modular cooling towers are the most operator-friendly cooling towers with the lowest maintenance requirements on the market. The closed circuit design keeps the system contaminant-free and uses far less water and chemicals. The TTCC-FC cooling tower can also take advantage of ambient temperatures during the year.

TTCC-FC Benefits

  • Lightweight, corrosion-resistant XchangeTech™ polymer coils have excellent thermal performance compared to metal exchangers and a much longer service life
  • The recirculating pump automatically cleans the tower and coils, which reduces scale to decrease needed maintenance and chemical use and to increase performance
  • The factory-preassembled modular design allows for quick installation in less than 30 minutes
  • The pre-engineered, certified substructure reduces infrastructure cost
  • Patented heat transfer design, variable flow nozzles and multiple direct drive motors provide the highest efficiency, lowering system energy requirements and fan motor and pump horsepower
  • Qualified for LEED points and energy rebates
  • Essential parts have built-in redundancy to increase reliability and uptime
  • All scheduled inspections and routine maintenance can be safely performed at ground level
  • The Tower Tech series modular towers offer the lowest drift rate on the market at 0.0004%. This can save up to 80% water savings compared to conventional tower designs
  • This drift rate combined with the FlowThru Basin and closed circuit tower design significantly reduces water usage and chemical treatment costs
  • The factory-preassembled modular design allows for quick installation in less than 30 minutes
  • Tower Tech towers have the longest lifespan of any factory-preassembled cooling tower (over 30 years) and have an industry-best, 15-year limited warranty
  • All Tower Tech cooling towers are made with StormStrong rated FRP and are certified to withstand hurricane-force winds
  • Tower Tech's design eliminates unsightly fan stacks, louvers, rust and algae growth. The natural beige color blends in well with most environments and buildings, or a logo or graphic design wrap may be easily added
  • 100% made in the USA in an ISO facility 

XchangeTech™ Coils Change the Game

How could a polymer heat exchanger be effective? Because of its low thermal resistance, polymers transfer heat with great effectiveness.

Thermal resistance is based not only on conductivity (k) but also on surface area (A) and wall thickness (t). Thermal resistance is calculated by dividing thickness by conductivity times surface area.

Using this formula, Tower Tech has created our polymer heat exchangers, XchangeTech Coils, that function equivalently to their metal competitors. A small diameter tube with a thin wall minimizes thermal resistance. Hundreds of these tubes – 440, to be exact – are bundled together to provide a large primary surface area for heat transfer.

How do these polymer coils change the game? Polymer heat exchangers are extremely lightweight, which makes installation simpler, faster and safer while providing a very low internal pressure drop. And because they are polymer, they cannot rust or corrode, which means they outlast most metal coils. They also have a superior impact resistance, as there are no thin fins to bend or impede performance, and they are compatible with water, glycols, brine, chlorides, oils and more.

Sustainable efficiency is our guiding purpose by saving valuable resources.