Cooling Tower Accessories

Tower Tech offers a full range of accessories, upgrades and after-market equipment to complement your cooling tower project. Tower Tech can provide accessories to lower installation costs as well as controls to optimize the operational efficiency of your system.

Available Accessories & Upgrades

  • Seismic-Rated Sub-Structure

    Tower Tech has pre-engineered a certified structural support solution to withstand  all seismic zone requirements. The sub-structure is designed for heights from 1ft to 10ft to complete your project requirements.
    Tower Double Bracing-c
  • Electrical Panels

    Tower Tech offers control packages that provide motor protection, motor controls and gateway communication for integration with Building Management System (BMS) or Direct Digital Control (DDC) systems and a Programmable Logic Control (PLC) option to control fan cycling to maintain a temperature set-point. The panel meets code requirements for lock-out/tag-out for ease of maintenance.
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFDs)

    Tower Tech has partnered with leading manufacturers to provide speed control of the motors through a variable frequency drive. The VFD can be connected to most Building Management Systems.
  • Basin Heater

    The pre-engineered basin heater package is designed to protect the system in a cold-weather environment. The package includes a stainless steel electric immersion heater, NEMA 4X control panel, water level and temperature sensor probe and thermocouple safety cut-off fuse.
    basin-heater-rc-IMG_5703 (1)
  • Electronic Level Control

    An ultrasonic liquid level control is offered as an alternative to our standard mechanical float valve. The sensor can be connected to a Building Management System.

    Echopod Sensor Picture-rc3
  • Actuator Valve

    Used to create a Tower Tech split cell design to operate in hot and cold weather within the same cell, help reduce the required number of towers, and meet ASHRAE Standard 90.1 for water- or air-side economizers. An easy retrofit on most legacy towers, installing an actuator valve with a stainless-steel stem directly into the main header inside the tower and a 120 V actuating motor mounted outside the tower shell can reduce any size tower to a lower flow for cold weather operation. Tower Tech installs an isolation wall inside the tower to contain entering hot water to the nozzle/fan sections required. A Building Management System can operate the valve, and the tower can be serviced while operating under partial load.
  • Ladders, Platforms and Handrails

    Tower Tech’s maintenance-friendly design allows routine maintenance and inspections to be done at ground level, eliminating the requirement for ladders or handrails and offering many safety advantages for maintenance personnel. When accessing the top of the tower for non-routine maintenance, many customers choose Tower Tech’s OSHA-approved, pultruded Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) ladder and handrail system. The systems are offered separately, can fit both new and legacy towers and are pre-engineered for quick installation. Our systems are available in vinyl ester and polyester fire-retardant resin systems in a safety yellow color, exceeding the requirements of OSHA 1910.23 and OSHA 1910.27.

Cooling Tower Accessories & Upgrades

FireStrong™ Upgrade

Tower Tech offers FireStrong towers that are fire-rated and the industry’s first Factory Mutual certification on an FRP composite cooling tower. These cooling towers are engineered using self-extinguishing composites and can withstand other stresses including weather and seismic-related.

StormStrong® Upgrade

Tower Tech offers StormStrong-rated towers with up to 200mph/93 psf wind loading and the industry’s first missile impact certification on a cooling tower. These cooling towers are engineered using structural FRP composites and withstand hurricane-force winds and other weather-related stresses.

Explosion-Proof Upgrade

Tower Tech offers an explosion-proof-rated tower with components required to meet Class 1, Div 1&2 requirements FM Protection.