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TTXL Series Factory-Preassembled Modular Cooling Towers

The TTXL Series forced-draft, counter-flow cooling tower delivers reliable thermal performance in both constant and variable heat load applications. The TTXL was specifically designed for challenging processes that deal with poor water quality or high concentrations of solids. Its modular design enables easy interconnectability to create virtually any size cooling capacity and quickly accommodates future expansion.
Download our TTXL Technical Reference Guide for more information. 

Extra Large Nozzle Design

Tower Tech modular towers are the most operator-friendly cooling towers with the lowest maintenance requirements on the market. The TTXL uses 4″ Rotary Spray Nozzles that provide uniform water loading by a square distribution pattern. Each nozzle provides reliable, clog-free operation with a minimal pressure requirement of less than 1.2 psi. The 4" nozzle size is ideal for areas with hard or contaminated water that could cause blockages in smaller nozzles.
  • checkmark Fully Enclosed Flow-Thru Basin™
  • checkmark Variable-Flow 4” Rotary Spray Nozzle
  • checkmark Water Collection System
  • checkmark Bottom-Mounted Fans
  • checkmark Factory-Preassembled Modular Design
  • checkmark Completely Corrosion-Resistant Composite Materials


Tower Tech rethought conventional cooling towers to maximize efficiency and lengthen service life. Patented modularity allows for the units to be placed right next to each other in virtually any configuration, saving valuable real estate, and the light weight reduces the installation footprint. The tower essentially blends into the surrounding structures and environment.

  • checkmark CTI Certified
  • checkmark OSHPD Pre-Approved
  • checkmark FM Approved
  • checkmark Meets AHRAE 90.1 Standards
  • checkmark Made with StormStrong technology. which is rated for 200mph wind load, all Seismic Ratings and Missile Impact Requirements


  • The factory-preassembled modular design allows for quick installation in less than 30 minutes.
  • The pre-engineered, certified substructure reduces infrastructure cost.
  • All scheduled inspections and routine maintenance can be safely performed at ground level.
  • The Tower Tech series modular towers offer the lowest drift rate on the market at 0.0004%.
  • This drift rate combined with the FlowThru™ Basin and enclosed tower design significantly reduces water usage and chemical treatment costs.
  • Tower Tech towers have the longest lifespan of any factory-preassembled cooling tower and have an industry-best, 15-year limited warranty.
  • Tower Tech modular cooling towers are 100% made in the USA, reducing supply chain issues and meeting Buy American Act and Build America Buy America Act requirements for government projects.

Better Materials for a Stronger Structure

The Tower Tech TTXL Series cooling tower structure is factory-assembled and constructed entirely of fiberglass and stainless steel hardware, which together provide a rigid shell and framework for the tower that will resist deterioration and corrosion indefinitely. There are no galvanized or wood components which may leak potentially hazardous chemicals into the environment. Walls are joined together by tongue and groove joints and are sealed by a polyurethane sealant to prevent leaks. Stainless steel fasteners employing coated threads (in wetted areas) are used to bolt the walls together and ensure leak-free operation under pressurized operating conditions.

Sustainable efficiency is our guiding purpose by saving valuable resources.