Temporary Cooling Tower Solutions

Whether you need a permanent, long-term or temporary cooling solution, Tower Tech are the cooling experts. We can help you determine the most beneficial, cost-effective choice for your situation.

Why Temporary Cooling Solutions?

Sometimes a permanent cooling solution doesn't meet current budgetary, infrastructural or timing needs. In some cases, temporary towers are a great alternative. After decades of experience in cooling, Tower Tech has provided temporary and permanent cooling solutions for almost every possible use case.

Some business cases that call for a temporary tower include:

Emergencies: If you experience a complete tower failure, a temporary solution can see your business through until the existing towers are restored.

Contingency Planning: Severe weather is increasing in both frequency and damage dealt. Many companies will have temporary towers on stand-by to reduce risk and sustain critical facility operations if a severe weather event or other emergency occurs.

Incremental Augmentation: Especially in locations that experience high temperatures, a temporary tower can increase the thermal heat load of the existing cooling towers to provide additional cooling.

Pre-Cooling/Thermal Discharge: This is becoming increasingly common for power plants, which must meet EPA regulations for water temperature expelled after single-pass cooling but don't want to sacrifice productivity.

Planned Downtime: When cooling towers must be shut down for maintenance, companies must either sacrifice cooling capacity or plan for a temporary solution.

Why Tower Tech Temporary Towers?

Tower Tech is the tower of choice for temporary cooling tower solutions. In fact, Tower Tech towers make up over 70% of all rental towers in use in the United States. No matter where in the world you're located, we can help you get the Tower Tech temporary tower solution you need.

Why do so many companies choose Tower Tech for their temporary tower fleet? The key is our innovative tower design.

Air Intake and Modularity

The most popular conventional cooling tower uses a crossflow or counterflow design with a top-mounted fan. With air intake on the sides, these tower require a clearance of at least double the louver height – usually 12 to 18 feet – of clearance to ensure adequate airflow. By contrast, Tower Tech has a more compact design with a bottom-mounted fan and no side louvers. This means the same space can fit more Tower Tech tower cooling capacity per square foot than conventional cooling towers. Tower Tech cooling towers can be placed in almost any configuration to maximize space usage.

Factory-Preassembled and Light Weight

Tower Tech towers were designed to be transportable in one, ready-to-install piece on a normal truck, unlike conventional towers that must be field-assembled. Tower Tech's Quick-Install features mean the towers can be installed in about one hour per 1,000 RT. The light weight also allows more towers to arrive on-site in fewer truckloads and to be installed by fewer workers and with less specialized equipment.

StormStrong Technology

Tower Tech cooling towers are built with StormStrong™ technology to withstand almost anything humans or nature can throw at them. Engineering certifications include Zone 4 seismic restraint with OSHPD approval, 200 MPH wind loading, the industry’s first missile impact certification on a cooling tower and shake-table tested with OSPHOD pre-approval while also adhering to ASCE and IBC building codes to meet seismic and wind load requirements.

Sustainable Efficiency

Our innovative cooling tower design allows Tower Tech towers to lead the industry on both sustainability and excellent performance. This includes an industry-best drift rate, elimination of algae and bacterial growth and corrosion resistance.

Find Your Best Temporary Solution

We've been doing this a long time. Let us help you plan for any contingency. Contact us to find the temporary solution to meet your needs.