Support Decarbonization with Tower Tech

Tower Tech cooling towers are engineered for Sustainable Efficiency™.

Tower Tech 1 Whisper Valley

Cooling Towers Designed for Sustainability

Tower Tech modular cooling towers are designed differently – by using highest-quality composites and rethinking traditional cooling tower design.

Don't choose between today's business goals and and tomorrow's decarbonization strategy. Choosing Tower Tech means investing in the most sustainably efficient cooling tower on the market.

Cooling Towers Made from Long-Lasting FRP

Conventional cooling towers are made of wood or steel, each which bring different sustainability challenges. Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) avoids these issues from a molecular level.

Wood and steel naturally degrade when exposed to water. Wood rots, steel corrodes. The cooling tower industry has found ways to overcome these material challenges. Cooling tower-grade wood must be treated with water-resistant chemicals, and metal towers must be made of at least galvanized steel or, preferably, stainless steel. Wood treatment chemicals can threaten the local ecosystem, and sourcing wood requires deforestation. Steel offers a per-kilogram best carbon footprint compared to other materials, but it's also the heaviest. This means that the per-kilogram advantages are lost in a much higher total material weight per tower. And it also means transporting less material in more loads to sites, which can increase carbon outputs.

As an advanced material, FRP composites can be produced on-demand in any quantity without deforestation, and companies like Tower Tech's parent company, Creative Composites Group (CCG), are leading efforts to further refine recycling processes.

FRP is inherently corrosion resistant, making it ideal for use in moist, wet or corrosive environments. Its light weight, bottom-mounted fans and modular design also permits more towers to fit in a smaller space without additional roof reinforcements.

Engineered to Conserve

Drift Rate

Tower Tech towers have an industry-best drift rate of 0.0004%. The industry standard drift rate of 0.005% amounts to the water in over 30 Olympic-sized swimming pools per year per 1,000-ton tower. A valuable resource lost to the wind as drift. Tower Tech cooling towers use high-efficiency, three-pass, sinusoidal-shaped wave configuration in their drift eliminator.

Our Nozzles

Pair this with our more efficient, lateral-spraying nozzles. “Spin-free” spray nozzles deliver even fill coverage across a broad range of system flows and naturally clears debris that would clog conventional nozzles. Spraying in this manner also reduces the bounce action of water droplets, further reducing drift.

Learn more about the difference our innovative cooling tower nozzles can make. 

Tower Tech’s FlowThru™ Basin

Perhaps the most innovative part of a Tower Tech modular cooling tower is the enclosed FlowThru™ Basin. Conventional basins catch the tower water – and welcome unwanted intrusions like sediment, algae and even deadly Legionella bacteria. Tower Tech towers avoid these problems by fully enclosing the basin and constantly moving water at five to seven feet-per-second. This uses less water by volume, which conserves water and reduces chemical treatment costs up to 40%.

Sustainable efficiency is our guiding purpose by saving valuable resources.