Tower Tech is Advancing Technology to Meet the Needs of an Ever-Changing Environment

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, March 19, 2018 – At the annual AHR Expo in Chicago, Illinois, Tower Tech introduced a new Split Cell cooling tower. The innovative Split Cell design enables any modular size cooling tower to be utilized at a reduced cooling load using simple motor controls. The Split Cell tower eliminates the conventional multiple tower installation that was required to accommodate summer and winter loads by isolating cells to maintain the minimum thermal requirements to operate in freezing conditions.

Tower Tech’s Split Cell design is available in all models and sizes, providing a smaller footprint, easier maintenance, and savings through a reduction in purchase and installation cost.  The Split Cell design meets the latest industry standards of ASHRAE Standard 90.1 for water-side and air-side economizers.  Tower Tech provides an energy efficient solution to Free Cooling.

Equipping the tower with a Motorized Bray Valve, an actuating motor, and an isolation wall will allow the modular cooling tower to operate in cold weather conditions without requiring manual shutdown or isolation of cooling tower cells.  The Split Cell design functions with stand-alone controls provided by Tower Tech or in connection with the building management system for remote monitoring and operation.  Tower Tech developed the Spilt Cell design for easy retrofitting of most operational Tower Tech towers currently in use.

The new Split Cell design is a part of Tower Tech’s ongoing commitment, as the industry leader, to providing sustainable efficiency.

Tower Tech is the leader in modular cooling tower design that has turned the industry upside down by mounting fans on the bottom and introducing more efficient and innovative water-cooling technologies to the market. Our full line of open-circuit and closed-circuit towers lower the total lifetime cost of ownership and combat increased utility costs by saving water and electricity. Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) components are factory-assembled in the USA in our ISO certified facility. FRP is an advanced composite material that is corrosion-resistant and known for low maintenance and longevity. Our FireStrong™ towers are fire-rated for critical installations, and our StormStrong® towers are hurricane, missile impact and seismic-rated to ensure operation in extreme conditions. Tower Tech’s HAVC technology is installed around the world in commercial and industrial markets from data centers, industrial applications and power generation plants to hotels and universities. Tower Tech has led the industry since 1989 with our patented tower technologies that take sustainability and energy efficiency to the next level. Tower Tech is part of Creative Composites Group – the largest structural composites manufacturing group in the US.

Sustainable efficiency is our guiding purpose by saving valuable resources.