Best Water Cooling Towers on the Market

Water Cooling Towers provide critical heat rejection for HVAC systems, industrial plants, and power plants.

Water cooling towers are broadly used because cooling with water is more economical and efficient than cooling with air. Businesses that own cooling towers may not fully understand how they operate or the cost necessary to manage them. Many water cooling tower manufacturers have a similar design with the same drawbacks offered for years. Tower Tech is different. 

Cooling tower on hotel at beach

Tower Tech differentiates itself from competitors with its superior modular cooling tower design, delivering greater cost efficiency, industry lowest life-cycle costs, exceptional durability, highest quality construction, and industry-leading sustainability. The company’s cooling towers are less complicated, faster, and generally less costly to install. The company’s cooling towers significantly reduce owners’ operating costs, offer superior maintenance and safety characteristics, and provide better mechanical reliability, redundancy, and longer service life than the cooling towers of conventional design. A cooling tower rejects waste heat into the atmosphere by evaporating a small portion of the water through the cooling tower. As a result, tower Tech cooling towers reduce the volume and cost of chemicals used to treat the recirculating water loop and offer energy opportunities not available with other cooling tower designs. 

Water Cooling Towers with Less waste

One of the significant issues with water cooling towers is that although they work well for rejecting heat, they aren’t the most efficient equipment. Cooling towers can use high amounts of electricity, water, and chemicals, which, along with frequent maintenance, can significantly increase the cost of operation. All these factors were addressed when we created our new water tower design.

High Utility Bills

Because of the enormous size and power required for the components to function, cooling towers go through much energy. While many people are aware of the initial upfront cost of installing a new water tower, generally, the upfront price only amounts to approximately 20% of the life-cycle cost. 

One of the biggest and unavoidable costs is the energy bill. Conventional water-cooling towers drive up this cost substantially, and our design uses significantly less power without sacrificing cooling levels. Our TTXL and TTXR CTI Certified Tower Tech Cooling Towers Modules can use up to 45% less energy than some conventional towers. The savings add up very quickly. Many Tower Tech Customers have received rebates from their local utilities.

Less Water and Chemicals

Cooling towers consume large amounts of water by evaporation, blowdown, and drift emissions. Cooling tower evaporation is one of the largest sources of a building’s water consumption. An average load of 1,000 tons consumes up to 20 million gallons of water annually. Tower Tech’s variable flow nozzle is clog resistant and delivers a square pattern to reduce scaling in the fill media. Blowdown of the cooling tower is essential to reduce the concentration of minerals, organic impurities, and total dissolved solids in water.

Tower Tech owners have reported substantial reductions in blowdown for their cooling towers because of Tower Tech’s unique design. This often allows for a 25-50% increase in cycles of concentration. This translates into a significant reduction in water purchase and disposal costs. However, if cooling tower water is left unmanaged, organic growth, fouling, scaling, and corrosion can reduce cooling efficiency, cause equipment downtime, and require costly equipment replacements.  

A significant amount of water from cooling towers is lost to drift emissions. In addition, open-air inlet louvers on conventional cooling towers are susceptible to windage allowing additional water loss. Tower Tech’s unique design eliminates water loss due to windage. As a result, it has the lowest drift rate in the industry, reducing drift emissions by as much as 92%. 

Frequent Maintenance

Like most mechanical equipment, periodic maintenance is required for water cooling towers. Routine maintenance helps towers to last longer and work at peak performance levels. Cooling towers have long been associated with costly and troublesome operations. Conventional cooling towers have large fans and motors on top of the cooling tower, which is bad. The mechanical equipment operates in the worst possible corrosive environment while routine inspections and maintenance are required of workers in a dangerous situation with fall hazards. Most cooling tower companies have one large fan per tower cell. A crane is needed to remove a fan and motor for repairs or replacement, and the entire cooling tower cell is shut down.

Tower Tech has turned the cooling tower world upside down with its patented water collection system. The 100% air/water separation results in tower fan motors underneath the cooling tower at a safe and accessible location. Tower Tech’s modular cooling tower design has many fans and motors that provide built-in redundancy for better energy efficiency. If a motor fails or requires maintenance, the entire modular tower could be kept in operation. So there is minimal loss of thermal performance.

Most importantly, Tower Tech backs its product with a 15-year limited warranty. For more information on costs and figures for your specific location and property type, contact us today!

Sustainable efficiency is our guiding purpose by saving valuable resources.