Fiberglass Cooling Towers at Competitive Pricing

Top-quality performance starts with top-quality materials.

Hospital Cooling Towers

Some cooling tower manufacturers promise long-lasting performance but then cut corners in manufacturing with cheap materials. Then the consumer inherits the risk of premature failure. We do things differently, using the best materials for unmatched craftsmanship.

Fiberglass Cooling Towers Structure

We design our tower structure with stainless steel hardware and fiberglass structure. Therefore this is a combination that won’t corrode or deteriorate under harsh weather. There is no chance for rotting and no harmful chemicals leaking into the environment by avoiding wood or galvanized parts. We compose our fasteners with stainless steel that does not allow leaks even at high pressures. Tower Tech does not use any corrosive metal on any portion of our cooling tower design. It is 100% non-corrosive.

Fill and Drift Eliminators

Using high-efficiency PVC film in a cross-corrugated design, our fill media resists degradation and most chemicals that commonly make their way into water cooling systems. Fill media comes in 10 mil and 15 mil variants depending on operating conditions. We also treat the PVC materials we use with an ultraviolet inhibitor that dramatically increases life expectancy. 

Other components

Every piece of our installed cooling tower is made with the best materials available. We use Reinforced Fiberglass in the fan shroud, the sub-structure legs, and the corner enclosure. This fiberglass works as a flame retardant that is also durable under all levels of operation.  

Better materials in a better design for fiberglass cooling towers

Not only have we improved standard cooling towers by upgrading the materials of construction, but we created an all-new design to put them to the best use. 

  • We have increased efficiency by lowering the amount of energy required for operation without decreasing cooling power. Fans use up to half as much energy, which helps you save on your utility bills. 
  • With less dirt and sand being caught in the tower and fewer chemicals required, you get cleaner water with our design. Algae and dangerous Legionella bacteria are also a much lower risk because of our enclosed basin that is never exposed to sunlight during operation. 
  • Our design has a decreased drift rate by 92% compared to conventional cooling tower designs. By combining this lower amount of water wasted with more efficient operation, the savings begin to add up quickly without compromising the top-of-the-line performance. 

We stand by our work with an unbeatable warranty.

With a fiberglass cooling tower structure and our unique design that maximizes efficiency and dramatically increases the expected lifespan, we proudly stand behind our work. Many cooling tower companies include a 5-year warranty should anything go wrong. We triple that to a 15-year limited warranty because we design our towers to last. Contact us today for more information or to set up a consultation.  

Sustainable efficiency is our guiding purpose by saving valuable resources.