Lasting Impressions and Great Conversations From 2022 AHR

AHR 2022

Tower Tech representatives were glad to attend the 2022 AHR Expo in Las Vegas during the first week of February. Impressed by the health and safety measures the Expo runners had in place, Tower Tech prepared and staffed one of the most memorable booths at the Expo and had some outstanding conversations with booth visitors.

The booth was a true showstopper: We brought a full-size tower and set up our display around and even under the tower. Visitors could explore every inch of the tower, including the lightweight fan underneath. Booth visitors commented on the aesthetics of the tower, its impressive 0.0004% drift rate in the market, and its ability to minimize legionella risks.

The Tower Tech reps staffing the booth also discussed many questions from visitors. “Without a doubt, the coolest question we got was whether Tower Tech cooling towers can be painted or wrapped in a camouflage print for use in military installations,” said Micah. “The answer to that is YES.” Because Tower Tech towers are a neutral tan, customers can purchase a wrap featuring any digital design to cover the tower. This is unique to Tower Tech: Our towers can be a plain, old tower, a billboard with a logo or advertisement, or blended into the surrounding architecture or area. No other tower offers the clean solution of Tower Tech because competing tower designs have open side louvers with water splashing out with algae and scale growing, barring a professional wrap.

Tower Tech towers are made of FRP that can withstand 200mph winds and has ratings for missile impact and seismic activity. Booth visitors also got to see the first look at Tower Tech’s new closed-circuit towers, which was received with excitement by customers and prospects alike. The polymer coils represented on the graphic wrap on the display tower showed its lightweight alternative to other metal-coiled closed-circuit towers.

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