Our unique cooling tower design solves long-standing issues!

Conventional cooling towers accomplish their goal of providing cooling for industrial processes or providing cooling relief, but they also cause their own set of problems.

Traditional cooling towers are often thought of as energy hogs, water wasters, and environmental nightmares. These cooling towers of conventional design have not changed in many years and have certainly earned that horrible reputation. One of the biggest concerns is algae growth and Legionella’s possibility to flourish in exposed & open sediment basins. Others include high amounts of energy and water waste. The cooling tower design from Tower Tech mitigates or eliminates these flaws, making a better cooling experience for you and your wallet. 


What are some improvements that your cooling tower design made?

To combat the inefficiencies, we had to make several changes to the traditional model. Some of the more substantive include: 

  • An enclosed water basin. Bacteria flourish in wet, warm conditions meaning conventional water cooling towers were a breeding ground where they could continue to increase in number. By closing off the basin, no sunlight can enter, and that essential component disappears. Our risk of algae is almost non-existent, and Legionella’s potential has decreased substantially. 
  • Greater overall efficiency. Being more efficient means that less of your money is wasted. We have increased efficiency in numerous ways. One is by reducing the drift rate from the industry norm of 0.002% to 0.0004%. Another is by requiring less electricity use. Each portion of the process consumes less energy, with an overall reduction of up to 45% less.
  • Better aesthetics. While the purpose of cooling towers is not to look nice, it doesn’t hurt if they do! Our design provides better results while looking better, doing it with no open louvers, hidden rotating equipment, and a reduced plume. The sound from fans remains competitive, while nearlt eliminating the sound from water. 
  • The best materials. Our cooling tower design works more efficiently, and it lasts longer because we build it with the best non-corrosive materials around. We make our tower structure from heavy-duty pultruded fiberglass and stainless steel. A polyurethane sealant prevents leaks, and no galvanized components mean no white rust or hazardous chemical leakage. 

A longer lifespan means a better warranty.

Our cooling tower design and materials allow our units to last much longer than conventional models. Instead of a 5-10-year lifespan for the internal components with a 5-year warranty, ours are expected to last 35 plus years with best in class warranty coverage. Our 15-year limited warranty covers the major problems so you can buy from us with peace of mind. 

We offer short- and long-term solutions.

While we recommend upgrading to our new cooling tower design when you have the opportunity, we know that it’s not always cost-effective if you’ve recently had a new unit installed. In the meantime, we can help with any additional cooling needs that you may have. Our Tower Tech rental partners offer temporary cooling tower rentals if you need a cooling tower while your primary unit receives repairs. They can also assist you if you have short-term cooling requirements by offering a cooling tower for supplemental cooling. 

And in case of emergency, we have units built and ready to minimize any business loss. Our team can help you develop a contingency plan that we can put into effect if disaster strikes. For more information or pricing figures for your specific project, give us a call today

Sustainable efficiency is our guiding purpose by saving valuable resources.