Perfectly Engineered for Water Savings

“Small but mighty” describes many things – including Tower Tech towers.

Too often, those in need of a cooling tower assume that “bigger is better” without considering the costs of “bigger.” Just because Tower Tech modular cooling towers are more compact and have fans on the bottom instead of the top doesn’t mean they’re less powerful. With performance equal to the larger competition and a design that bridges the gap between sustainability and energy efficiency, Tower Tech towers minimize water loss and save you money.

Water droplet

Diminished Drift

All cooling towers produce drift – the water-and-chemical mist expelled as the cooling tower does its work. Because it has the same chemical composition as the tower’s circulating water, drift can seriously degrade tower equipment, vehicles, buildings and local environmental conditions.

An average cooling tower with a load of 1,000 tons can consume 20 million gallons of fresh water each year. That’s the equivalent water of 30.3 Olympic-sized swimming pools. With the costs of water rising, this can mean tens of millions of dollars spent each year on water – and with a less-efficient cooling tower, hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of water can literally drift away from your tower.

But Tower Tech modular cooling towers change the water-savings game: They have an innovative design and are made of FRP. The design lowers the drift rate to 0.0004% – a reduction of up to 92% compared to industry cooling towers with a significantly worse 0.005% drift rating – and eliminates the sunlight exposure that leads to algae growth that fosters Legionella. Tower Tech towers reduce the harmful by-products of drift and other water-related issues.

What Water Savings Can You Get?

Tower Tech’s Performance and Competitive Evaluation tool, or PACE, generates a report comparing the performance and operating costs of a given Tower Tech Modular Cooling Tower with those of a competing cooling tower you specify. Learn more about PACE and contact us today to get yours.

Sustainable efficiency is our guiding purpose by saving valuable resources.