Portable Cooling Towers – Help in a Pinch!

A solution is possible with portable cooling towers!

Cooling towers are large pieces of machinery. They typically weigh around 8 or 9 tons when empty. For a smaller 800-ton tower they weigh up to about 30 tons for larger 3000-ton units. Being so heavy, it might seem like a monumental challenge if something goes wrong with your primary device. You will need a solution to help get you by. That solution is possible with portable cooling towers from Tower Tech.

Tower Tech Cooling Towers on truck

How can a cooling tower be portable?

While there is no equivalent to cooling towers with portable air conditioners, we have units prepared and ready for temporary applications that there is practically little difference in functionality. If you’re ever in need of a short-term cooling unit, give us a call! We will get one over to you as soon as possible either, directly or via a Tower Tech Rental Partner 

What are some common reasons for temporary cooling?

Deciding to use a temporary cooling unit might seem like a very rare event only needed for the most extreme circumstances. However, there are several applications for temporary cooling, including:

  • Repairs or maintenance on your primary tower. For some types of businesses, operations are unable to continue without a cooling tower. Some repairs or maintenance can take your main unit out of commission. If so, a portable cooling tower can be just what you need.
  • Supplemental cooling. There is always the possibility you will need to increase your cooling output or risk putting too much stress on your primary tower. This can decrease life expectancy, or even causing permanent failure due to higher than average temperatures from a heatwave or a temporary change to your cooling requirements or other factors. 
  • Standby cooling. Some critical  processes are too important to fail. For example, hospital equipment is responsible for keeping dozens or even hundreds of people safe at any given time. Having a unit on standby in case of primary unit failure means that there won’t be any lapse in cooling should something go wrong. 
  • Emergency failure. In the worst-case scenario of a failure due to natural disaster, fire, or tower collapse, Tower Tech provides an emergency tower. We cab provide a rental or permanent replacement faster than any other industry company.

What if something comes up unexpectedly?

You can often plan for your portable cooling tower needs because you know ahead of time when maintenance will occur or when you have a shift in cooling requirements. But when something happens suddenly—like a natural disaster that breaks your cooling tower—you need a solution fast. 

One of the most important reasons for using a temporary cooling unit is to get you through unexpected disasters. Every hour of downtime can cost your company substantial amounts of revenue. Call us right away if you have a cooling emergency, and we’ll take care of you.

Early planning takes the stress out of difficult times

The best way to cope with disasters and emergencies is to have a plan ahead of time. If you want assistance with developing a contingency plan, our experts are standing by to help. We can help you build a plan to be ready when the worst happens and face it with minimal cooling losses. Call us today for more information on portable cooling towers! 

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