Powerful & Compact Factory Cooling Tower

Tower Tech is one of the only factory cooling tower manufacturers that can proudly claim that 100% of the products we build are “Made In The USA”!!!

Tower Tech fully meets the Buy American Act’s provisions and all requirements of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Above all, we only use the highest quality components. We source from suppliers in the United States of America, built-in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that are ISO Certified. Tower Tech differentiates itself from competitors with its superior modular cooling tower design. That is to say, we deliver greater cost efficiency, industry lowest life-cycle costs, more outstanding durability, highest quality construction, and industry-leading sustainability. 

Construction area

Lean Six Sigma Manufacturing

Many cooling towers use the same basic design that has numerous drawbacks. By starting from scratch and creating a brand new Tower Tech adopted Lean Enterprise principles and implemented a company-wide quality management process. Therefore, senior management became deeply committed to the continuous improvement of products, processes, and people. Most Tower Tech associates have attended several Lean Enterprise and Six Sigma workshops. Notably, they have earned Six Sigma Black Belts, Six Sigma Green Belts, and received other industry recognition. 

Unique Design

People often consider cooling towers to be an eyesore, so they install them behind the building, behind walls, or on roofs. When someone walks up to a Tower Tech cooling tower for the first time, they often have no idea they are looking at a cooling tower. So how could it be a cooling tower, one might ask? We’ve done our best to improve our cooling units’ aesthetics by making several changes when we created our new design. Through patented technology, Tower Tech eliminated fan stacks on top, louvers on the side, and worst of all, the open water reservoir basin at the bottom. The classic neutral beige exterior blends naturally with the surrounding environment and even more so with architecture.

Superior Construction

The Tower Tech TTXL and TTXR Series cooling tower structure is constructed entirely of fiberglass and stainless-steel hardware, which together provide a rigid shell and framework for the tower that will resist deterioration and corrosion indefinitely. All FRP components have U.V inhibitors to increase longevity further. There are no galvanized or wood components that may leak potentially hazardous chemicals into the environment. Stainless steel fasteners employing coated threads (in wetted areas) bolt the walls together and ensure leak-free operation under pressurized operating conditions. The heavy-duty constructions are unmatched in the industry, providing the longest life span of any cooling tower under even the harshest condition.

When you purchase a Tower Tech‘s factory cooling tower, you own the most robust and most durable cooling tower in the world with standard features that include: 

Pre-Engineered Substructure that is PE Certified for seismic and wind loading 

OSHPD Shake Table Certification for seismic mission-critical projects

Highest Wind Load Certification of any factory assembled cooling tower up to 200 mph 

Industry Leading 15 Year Limited Warranty

How is your factory cooling tower different? 

Many cooling towers use the same basic design that has numerous drawbacks. By creating a brand-new cooling tower design, we have increased efficiency and safety while improving aesthetics and lowering costs. While competitively priced, only Tower Tech has features and benefits that provide a significant return on investment through energy savings, reduced water usage, decreased chemical treatment, and minimal maintenance. 

For instance, some of our features include: 

  • Fully factory assembly with new Quick-Install design – can install one tower in less than 30 minutes
  • Lowest life cycle cost
  • Up to 45% less energy is required annually for consistent savings
  • Lowest drift emission rate of .0004%
  • Lowest water usage
  • Reduced chemical treatment cost up to 35%
  • Lowest maintenance cost with all mechanical equipment accessible safely at ground level
  • Built-in redundancy with multiple fans and direct drive motor design
  • Innovative high-velocity flow-through cold water reservoir design keeps solids in suspension, reducing sediment accumulation inside the cooling tower
  • Industry best for mitigating the risk of Legionella
  • Constructed of corrosion-resistant materials with pultruded FRP structure for 30-year life expectancy
  • Innovative modular design allows any number of tower modules to be interconnected to accommodate any cooling requirement
  • Modularity of the Tower Tech design reduces site space requirements and lowers weight requirements for installations on roofs
  • Aesthetically friendly design with no open louvers or large fan stacks (for example, the neutral beige color blends into surrounding environment and buildings)
  • 100% Made in The USA

How do I select a cooling tower “today” that will meet my enterprise’s needs “tomorrow”?    

With the wide variety of features and benefits, our products are essential for today’s industry. So we provide all the flexibility and features you need for an uncertain future. We understand our customer’s needs and provide a product that our competitors cannot. In conclusion, our technology makes Tower Tech a better choice than the competition. Our customers tell us that every day. From the design to the quality, we are always one step ahead. Our technology is incomparable to any other company. Best of all, we give our customers what they did not realize was possible. Contact us for more information!

Sustainable efficiency is our guiding purpose by saving valuable resources.