The Design of Modular Cooling Towers

Why choose modular cool towers? When you have extensive amounts of heat expenditure from industrial operations, you need a cooling tower to protect your components through efficient heat rejection. The question is not if you need a cooling tower, but rather which one is best. Because many conventional units are similar, there might not seem much difference between different brands and cooling tower companies. However, one is much different from the rest. 

Modular Cooling Towers

At Tower Tech, we have moved past conventional cooling tower designs and developed modular cooling towers to combat many of their problems and inefficiencies. Our cooling units are smaller, lighter, more durable, and more energy-efficient than the conventional option. This allows for cheaper installation and maintenance, meaning that you have fewer worries when choosing our design. 

Efficiency is one of our core goals!

One of the most important goals of our design was to make a more efficient cooling tower. There are several ways that we were able to accomplish this, including: 

  • Efficient energy usage: The highest continuous cost of cooling towers is the amount of energy required to keep them functioning. Much of this energy went to waste with conventional units, meaning you would pay a higher utility bill for nothing. . Our units consume up to 45% less energy, bringing substantial yearly savings
  • Efficient drift emission: A typical cooling tower design will have a drift emission of 0.002%. We were able to lower that to one-fifth as much to a mere0.0004%. This means that you’ll have less water waste and less water misting around the tower. 
  • Efficient installation: Having smaller and lighter units make transport more manageable, which creates savings for you. We have two options for installation: Field-erected towers and factory-assembled towers. With multiple options, we can help you choose the best one to save you time and money. 

Our design has increased safety precautions as well.

Transportation Installation of Cooling Towers

Safety is just as important as efficiency. Water cooling towers have a high risk of Legionella due to having stagnant water basins. Our enclosed basins have no access to direct sunlight. This greatly limits the opportunity for bacteria and algae growth, creating better working environments for your workers and any visitors to your facility. Our basin design moves the water through our tower at a high velocity of 5-7 feet per second. This fast-moving, flow-through basin has no exposure to the environment and never sees any sunlight. This flow-through basin is a huge benefit to cooling tower owners and has the right amount of water for cooling tower operations.  

Appearance is important too!

While not as essential as safety and efficiency, since we were creating a new design, we made it more visually appealing. With a reduced plume and no open louvers, you will notice the improved aesthetics immediately. Our design has almost no sound from water, something that anyone spending time around a cooling tower can appreciate. 

Best Warranties in the Business.

A conventional water cooling tower has an expected life expectancy of 12-15 years. Thus, warranties are usually limited to 5 years because more extended warranties pose a greater risk to the manufacturer. Over a decade, we’ve increased the expected lifespan, with the structure expected to last over 35 years. All of our modular cooling towers come with a 15-year warranty so you can have peace of mind. If you are interested in installing one of our units at your facility, give us a call today for more information!

Sustainable efficiency is our guiding purpose by saving valuable resources.