Tower Tech Saves: Lead Times

There’s little more frustrating than having your project be delayed because a supplier’s lead times increase without warning, causing delays totally outside your control. The supply chain crunch is hurting every industry and is causing lead times to mushroom to five times the norm for most manufacturers. Many projects can’t wait, and some have even been canceled entirely due to long lead times.

Small TowerTech cooling tower on green truck

Tower Tech takes pride in offering the fastest delivery times of any cooling tower manufacturer in the industry. Over the years, we have consistently maintained four- to six-week delivery times, and on several occasions in our history, Tower Tech has delivered cooling towers just one to two weeks after the order was placed. Because our products are 98% made in America and because we are well-established in the industry, we either already have supply or can let you know precisely how much time it will take to get it.

But even Tower Tech has been directly impacted by upstream delays from our multiple suppliers and vendors. Currently, Tower Tech is maintaining lead times of 10 to 12 weeks – which we consider substantial delays, but which are still much faster than the 16- to 30-week delays, best case scenario, for other manufacturers.

3 towers leaving

Tower Tech also takes pride in regular, full transparency about lead time changes. Once per month, an email goes out to every employee and customer of Creative Composites Group (of which Tower Tech is a part) detailing any changes to pricing or lead times. This practice avoids nasty surprises caused by a salesperson misunderstanding price changes or a company not explaining how the market impacts a customer’s bottom line. Transparent lead time communication helps Tower Tech invest in customer trust.

Couple transparency and our fast lead times with Tower Tech’s tremendous installation speeds – a total ship-to-site to full functionality of 50-75% faster than the competition – and the space saved by our “small but mighty” towers, and your project is in an excellent position for success. Contact us today to discuss current lead times and how a Tower Tech tower can save you time, space and money.

Sustainable efficiency is our guiding purpose by saving valuable resources.