Weather Approved Dubai Cooling Tower

A cooling tower in Dubai seems like a no-brainer.

The region known as the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) regularly experiences the highest global temperatures. This region includes Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. With weather rarely falling into the 50s and regularly exceeding 100 degrees for half of the year, people aren’t the only ones that need to be prepared. Industrial processes, especially those that generate high amounts of heat, need cooling benefits. Buildings are under stress to provide air-conditioning under extreme heat conditions.

Cooling Tower at night

Your cooling tower must be powerful enough for the job in such extreme heat conditions. It is just as crucial that your unit is reliable and won’t fail when you need it most. To ensure that these conditions meet your needs, make sure to check out Tower Tech for your Dubai cooling tower. Tower Tech Towers are ideal for the harsh UV and dusty environment in this part of the world.

What makes Tower Tech cooling towers different?

Many cooling tower manufacturers follow the same basic design with some minor changes to make it their own. Realizing that this design has several fundamental flaws, we took a different approach. We created a new system that mitigates traditional cooling towers’ shortcomings. Our units are smaller, lighter, more efficient, and safer for use with less required maintenance. 

Smaller and Lighter

In many markets, having a smaller and lighter unit is a nice bonus but not crucial for day-to-day operations. In the UAE, District Energy Plants commonly provide cooled water to buildings in the city. The plants are expensive to construct. Every square foot is valuable, along with the weight needed to support the installation of cooling towers.   

Our water cooling towers are up to 33% lighter than the competition. More installation options to save on the footprint help make our upfront cost lower and the savings come directly to you. 

More Efficient

Along with having a lower upfront cost than many other cooling tower companies, we continue to bring you savings by making it to have a lower utility bill. After installation, the highest cost for a water cooling tower is most likely the utility bill. Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid it. 

However, you can lessen the financial burden with our new cooling tower design. Our smaller units require less power overall, with up to 45% less energy used in total.

Safer Dubai Cooling Tower

One of the biggest drawbacks to conventional cooling towers is that bacteria and algae grow in large numbers in and around the towers. This is because they need a warm, moist environment with high sunshine levels, which is particularly essential in Dubai, where the majority of days are warm and sunny. 

By creating an enclosed basin, we allow no potential for sunlight to enter, significantly limiting bacteria and algae growth. Legionella, which is specifically prevalent around water towers and causes Legionnaire’s Disease, is practically nonexistent using this method, promoting better safety for everyone. 

Less Maintenance and Better Warranties

As we created our new design, we also decided to upgrade the materials used in production. Our primary components consist of stainless steel and fiberglass with no hazardous galvanized parts. Our towers are expected to last twice as long or even longer than some competitors and have a matching warranty as well. Instead of the standard 5-year warranty offered by many cooling tower manufacturers, we offer a 15-year limited warranty because we are confident in our craftsmanship. Contact us for more information or to set up a consultation.

Sustainable efficiency is our guiding purpose by saving valuable resources.