McLaren Central Michigan Hospital Cooling Tower Replacement


The Challenge

In 2018, McLaren Central Michigan (MCM) Hospital in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, required a new cooling tower to remedy a tremendous loss of water due to drift and cycles of concentration. In addition to reducing the drift losses, the new solution needed to provide water and electricity savings, and of course needed to be completely reliable to support the hospital.

The Solution

The contractor was certain that Tower Tech's most popular model, the TTXR, could help MCM meet their efficiency goals while still being within their equipment and installation budget. This open circuit tower was clearly different from the hospital’s previous cooling towers. Tower Tech and the contractor went the extra mile to make sure the owner was comfortable with the product and the manufacturer: The parties were invited to visit the Tower Tech facility to learn all about the new tower system and confirm it was the right choice. Although this tower has a very different design compared to conventional towers, the visit proved that Tower Tech towers are easy to operate and even easier to install.

The Result

An expert analysis comparing water savings from the 2020 season with previous years showed that water consumption dropped significantly once the Tower Tech TTXR cooling tower was installed and operating. In particular, there was a 15% reduction in water use from the old tower by July of 2020 and an impressive 32% reduction for the month of August.

“Thanks to this new cooling tower system, the annual cooling season total water savings average is 70,000 gallons!” - Bill Jensen, Project Engineer Great Lakes Critical Power and Cooling

Cooling Tower Specifications:

  • TTXR open circuit modular cooling tower
  • 6’ high sub-structure
  • Rotary Spray Nozzles™ (3:1 turndown capability with 6’ x 6’ Square Spray Pattern)
  • U.S. electrical motors with fan motor control panel and temperature controller
  • 10 VFD fans
  • Individual Rotary Disconnects
  • Stainless Steel Fan Motor Support
  • Bell & Gossett base-mounted pumps

Cooling Tower Design Conditions:

  • Flow rate (GPM): 800 min/3,000 max
  • Entering water temperature (HWT): 95°F
  • Leaving water temperature (CWT): 85°F
  • Entering wet bulb temperature (WBT): 75°F

Sustainable efficiency is our guiding purpose by saving valuable resources.