Tower Tech Saves: Installation Times

Tower Tech Saves: Installation Times

While the initial purchase price and installation costs of a cooling tower system represent only a fraction of the cost of operating a tower over its service life, these capital expenditures (CAPEX) can add up. The longer an installation takes, the longer you wait for operationality. In a world where time is money, a longer installation time is dipping into your bottom line.

TowerTech cooling system

Constructed in our ISO-certified plant, modular Tower Tech towers are pre-built and designed to give you the fastest installation times in the cooling tower market.

Conventional Towers: Long-Haul Install

Conventional cooling towers are bulky. Additional time is needed to prepare the surface on which the heavy tower will sit and account for the required space needed between towers. After preparing its space, actual on-site installation can begin, first with the cooling tower components, followed by the water distribution, internal components, drift eliminators, and fan stacks. Traditional towers have at least two large sections that must be hinged or bolted together. During windy conditions, connecting these two large flanges poses tremendous safety concerns and challenges to even the most seasoned contractors. Furthermore, often heavy motors and gearboxes must be placed precisely and aligned on the tower at extreme heights. This process takes days and perhaps weeks to install per 1000 TR.

Tower Tech: Lightweight and Fast Install

Tower Tech has some of the fastest installation times of any cooling tower. Our factory-assembled cooling towers cut on-site fabrication time, and Quick-Install features allow for installations in as little as 30 minutes per tower (about an hour per 1000 RT). Any of the multiple Tower Tech options can save time and money. They also weigh less than competing towers, eliminating the fuss for rooftop installations. And smaller, lighter towers make transport more manageable (and even cheaper). The motors, fans and electrical connections are pre-installed and ready for quick electrical connections on-site.

Transportation Installation


Some rental companies use Tower Tech’s package cooling towers when temporary towers are needed, due to these excellent installation speeds. All permanent towers are compact and lightweight enough – from the 100-ton module up to the larger 1,200-ton module – to be lifted off the truck in one piece and placed on a slab, footings or steel I-beams in under an hour.

When you buy a Tower Tech cooling tower, you get not only a highly engineered tower but also the superior service of the Tower Tech staff, helping with everything from tower selection to installation to a preventative maintenance plan to help your Tower Tech tower maintain peak efficiency over its long service life. Tower Tech’s module towers are CTI-certified, shake-table tested, missile impact-certified and rated for wind loads of 180-200 mph to meet the highest wind loads. Contact us today to discuss current lead times and how Tower Tech can save you time, space and operating expenses over the life of your tower.

Sustainable efficiency is our guiding purpose by saving valuable resources.